I provide consultancy services either in person, over the phone or electronically, representing my clients in negotiations with business partners, counterparties, courts and officials.  Of course, I also prepare contracts and agreements, court and other official filings and other legal documents.

My focus lies in the following legal areas in particular:

Civil law

  • legal relations to property, legal representation in proceedings with land registry officials, pledge agreements on immoveable and moveable assets
  • labour law (employment contracts and their termination, employee and employer liability
  • family law (marital relations – divorces, alimony between spouses, common property, resolution of relations between children, parents and other relatives, contact arrangements for parents with minor children)
  • consumer contracts, claims proceedings
  • ownership rights, co-ownership
  • contractual and legal liability for defects
  • damage compensation and debt collection by virtue of this
  • inheritance law

Commercial law

  • establishing and changing companies, entering changes in the Commercial Register
  • resolving commercial relations, preparing contracts and agreements

Administrative law

  • legal consultation in all administrative areas, representation in official proceedings, particularly in misdemeanour proceedings
  • judicial review of administrative decisions. – filing of lawsuits against administrative decisions and complaints for annulment pursuant to Act 150/2002 Coll., Code of Administrative Justice


Mgr. Eva Krajová, LL.M.

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