Non-contractual fee

If the fee is not arranged by agreement with the client, the fee is set according to the schedule of legal fees (Ministry of Justice Decree 177/1996 Coll., as amended).

Contractual fee

This is normally determined by agreement between the lawyer and client depending on the difficulty and time demands of the provided legal services.

A contractual fee can be arranged as:

  • An hourly fee – the contractual fee arranged by agreement with the client as remuneration for each started hour in which legal services are provided, whereas each commenced 15 minutes is charged.
  • Per-job fee – this is for the provision of a one-off service for which the fee is agreed to for completing the entire task.
  • Recurring fee – a fee is set as a fixed recurring amount for a repeating period (usually a calendar month) or a fixed amount for completing the entire task regardless of the time demands and complexity of the provided legal service.

In addition to a fee, the client is charged out-of-pocket expenses related to the provided legal service (e.g. travel costs, court and administrative fees and costs for translations and expert opinions).


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